Dealing With Heartbreak While Running A Business.

I thought of the idea for this piece last night while lazying around in the tub. Sometimes it's easy to find things to write about, sometimes it feels like the ideas are right there at the tip top of my brain but I can't access them. Isn't it strange? Now I know why so many … Continue reading Dealing With Heartbreak While Running A Business.

Too Fat To Blog?

"Am I too fat to blog?" the thought had crept into my mind the moment I got serious about blogging and building a brand. Creating online content means putting yourself out there in the form of video, picture, audio and written word. I wanted the blog to be fun, honest and bring value to my … Continue reading Too Fat To Blog?


HEY 🙂 This is a different kind of fact it is an awesome badass meditation for the hustlers, the team builders, the passionate movers and shakers of the world. It's funny, it's calming and it'll get you in the right frame of mind for a Monday morning. Grab your coffee & let's get shit … Continue reading A MEDITATION STRICTLY FOR HUSTLERS