Swords Reading

This reading is given to you only use the swords suit. The no bullshit cut to the point reading.

It’s for issues with communication, limiting beliefs, overcoming mental challenges. If you want to move forward and need to see a clear cut path, the swords are the cards to show the way.

If you are wanting to dive into the possibilities with no fluff, the swords have it.

This reading is created custom so please provide notes on the topic of interest you wish to explore.

** Please remember that 1:1 video call readings can be booked on the full moon of each month as my calendar fills quickly. If you would like to receive a reminder straight to your inbox so you can claim your spot to receive an empowering – transformative – and deep reading just click here! ** Email readings can be booked at anytime throughout the month and you will receive them within 24 hours after purchase. You can also follow me on Instagram where I am most active.

4-5 Card Email Reading

This is a 4-5 card reading given directly to your inbox within 24 hours after purchase. Please do include some notes on the topic or area of interest that you would like me to dive into.


60 Minute Video Call Reading * SOLD OUT* BOOKING OPENS AGAIN ON JUNE 5TH & 6TH

This reading is done via skype. Upon purchase please add me on skype under Whiskey Stevens at inthefolk@gmail.com (this email is for skype only if you are wishing to send me anything please send it to whiskeystevenswriter@gmail.com) Once paid you will be sent an email with instructions to book into my calendar.