Healing Heart Break Up (VIDEO)

Healing Heart Break Up (VIDEO)

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This tarot reading is for those who have recently gone through a break up of any kind. Romantic relationship, friendship, career. They all cause us to grieve and feel pain and work through our feelings in our own way. The heart is a very wonderful yet mysterious thing and love is just the same. 

This reading focuses on pulling cards with the focus on healing. It can also come with reminders as to why the relationship ended as often with grief we forget the reasons it wasn't working and start to romanticize the situation. It also focuses on how the relationship has helped you to grow and ways to move forward. Of course if you wish we can also pull some cards for new relationships and future possibilities. 

Remember you are loved, you are worthy and you are blessed. 

This reading is conducted via video chat using skype. If you do not want to be on video you can answer the call with the phone icon and we can chat using audio. 

Once you have purchased you will receive a confirmation email with a link to book into my calendar at the time of your choosing.