Death, Dying & Tarot

Death, Dying & Tarot

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This course teaching death doulas and other support workers, or those who are interested in the subject, how to use tarot and oracle cards in your role as a death doula and non-medical care provider. It will also teach how to use tarot as a tool for ritual ceremonies such as grief meditations, grief healing ceremonies, and one-on-one spiritual work. It will also travel through an exploration of the Tibetan book of the dead. 

Learning objectives: 

* How to create your own tarot rituals 

* How to use tarot with a dying patient 

* How to use tarot in a family ceremony 

* How to use tarot in a one-on-one spiritual ceremony 

* Tarot for grief ceremony and reprocessing grief 


For this course you will need: 

1 tarot deck and 1 oracle deck 

Journal & pen 


How is this course offered?

This course is offered through one 3 hour zoom class. 

Next course date: 

February 13th from 12 - 3pm EST