Matters Of The Heart Reading

This reading is just as the title says, it is strictly for matters of the heart. Relationships, breakups, romance, sibling tensions, grief, passion, creativity. Anything and everything that gives us the feels. Know that it is a time for you, and it is my highest honor to hold space and create a safe space to talk and pull cards around such vulnerable matters. The heart is not an easy thing to express, we often find ourselves closing it up after a particularly tough breakup, only to feel it leap open again once we find a love of cooking (or some other beautiful part of life.)

This card spread was created to explore your options in healing, self-love, relationship dynamics, and allow you to find peace in the decisions you make. It is recognizing your own intuition and then making the best steps forward.

This reading is right for you if:

You are exploring your role in a relationship.

You want to see a fresh perspective on a situation.

You want to explore your options for healing from heart break.

You are needing someone to hold space during moments of grief.

You want to work through relationship patterns that keep coming up in your life.

You want to explore feelings, creativity, inspiration, longings, of the heart.

This reading comes with worksheets to work through after the reading has been completed. This allows you to dive deeper and navigate your own intuition.

Please provide notes upon booking if you are wanting to dive into a specific area of interest. If it is a general reading please indicate “general reading”.

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5 Card Email Reading

This reading will be received 24 hours after purchase straight to your inbox šŸ™‚ Please provide notes on the issue to be covered.



This reading is done via skype. Upon purchase please add me on skype under Whiskey Stevens at (this email is for skype only if you are wishing to send me anything please send it to Once paid you will be sent an email with instructions to book into my calendar.