Policies & Ethics

My work is one of the greatest joys in my life to hold space for others. Working with tarot allows me to do this and to help others on this journey. It is with the highest intent that I give you these policies and ethics. It is my aim to provide you with highly professional and high quality readings. Please take the time to read through and feel if working with me is right for you. Do note that readings are not a substitute for medical/professional treatment or council. They can be tools used for growth, guidance, and entertainment, but they do not replace the help of a licensed mental health therapist, doctor, or other professional.

Once you book a reading with me I ask that you please provide me with some information on why you have chosen to have a reading. This will ensure that we are focusing on the topic that will be of most help to you. It will allow me to choose the proper tarot deck and spread.

Email readings will be received 24 hours after purchase.

Once you book a video chat you will receive an email with a link to book into my calendar at the time of your choosing.

Readings should be used for entertainment purposes only.

All readings are private and confidential. Nothing you speak about in a reading with me will be shared with anyone else. I will never use your story in any of my online work and I take the confidentiality agreement very seriously.

If I feel like a reading is not right for you or that I am not the right reader for you I reserve the right to not provide a reading and guide you in another direction.

I am not a medical intuitive and do not give medical based readings. Please seek a licensed medical professional for any medical concerns you may have.

I do not speak with the dead. I am not a medium and do not claim to speak to the dead. My readings are very centred in the “here and now” and focus on self-exploration, self-development, and healing.

I cannot see the future and do not claim to know the future. I believe that the future is very fluid, and that by based on the decisions we make each day, we are actively creating our futures. I believe there are many different outcomes and possibilities to our lives, and it is our job to choose the path that feels right for us. My readings focus around discussing the possibilities that are before you, evaluating the situation that you find yourself in, and planning the best course of action.

You have free-will and freedom of choice. Your future is of your own making.

Readings should leave you feel empowered. They are not about removing the power and being told absolutely, they should be about taking back your power, and claiming your freedom of choice.

I do not read for anyone below the age of 18. You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a reading from me. If you are younger, you can download e-books and other goodies.

You can discuss your reading needs with me before making a purchase. Simply email me at: whiskeystevenswriter@gmail.com to discuss.

Love to you all — I look forward to reading for you.