Alice In Wonderland Tarot

This is a little tarot spread that you can do for yourself or with a client, inspired of course by Alice in Wonderland. I have a book published in 1935 titled “Children of Story Book Land” inside hides Slice. As I began to read the story I thought how wonderful it would be to create … Continue reading Alice In Wonderland Tarot

What Is Seraphic Magick? Seraphic Magick stems from a set of 10 principles. It can be used along with any other form of Magick that would allow for it’s practices to be blended, although it does not have strict rules to follow so as to not be rigid in the way it is practiced. I’ll quickly break down … Continue reading What Is Seraphic Magick?

Respect Your Readers • Respect Your Followers ❤️

I'm twenty-seven years old do this realization is a little hard to admit, rather embarrassing actually, but I'm going to share it because I think it's important. I didn't come to the realization all on my own, I had two really awesome people show me the way. Last month I connected with Rich Cardona on … Continue reading Respect Your Readers • Respect Your Followers ❤️

Let’s Get Real About Depression and Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs, the business savvy hustlers of the world, are human too. We need sleep, food, water and believe it or not, downtime. When we think of entrepreneurship, we don't think of depression or mental illness. Depression mild or severe, can really happen to any of us either because of life circumstance, a moment of loss, … Continue reading Let’s Get Real About Depression and Entrepreneurship.