Spiritual Biz Development Reading

This reading and card spread was inspired by the creation of my own business. It is such a wonderful gift to be able to hold space for others and work in a way that fills my heart and exercises my creative muscles. I want everyone to feel the same way. This reading is for the light workers, the shadow workers, the courageous creatives who are embarking on their business journey.

Whether you are just starting a business, or you are a seasoned pro looking for a jolt of inspiration, the business deep dive reading will allow you to explore the areas that need a shining light, and work out any kinks that have been stopping creative or cash flow.

This reading is right for you if:

You want to start a business and don’t know where to start.

You have a business already but you are looking for inspiration, authenticity, and problem solving.

You want a safe space to create and come up with new ideas.

Need to come up with a game plan.

Need to work through emotional money issues and allowing yourself to be paid.

Want to ask questions to gain better insight into your own situation.

Want to consult the tarot for opportunities and direction.

This reading comes with a worksheet for you to work through once the reading has been completed. It is your chance to really let everything sink in and further work through everything we have discussed on your own, and at your own pace.

You will also need to provide notes on your current situation, please be as detailed as possible about your needs as far as the reading goes and areas you would like to explore, if it is general please indicate a “general reading”. ** If the time zone does not work for you please email me at: whiskeystevenswriter@gmail.com and I will do my best to book a session that better works for you.

** Please remember that 1:1 video call readings can be booked on the full moon of each month as my calendar fills quickly. If you would like to receive a reminder straight to your inbox so you can claim your spot to receive an empowering – transformative – and deep reading just click here! ** Email readings can be booked at anytime throughout the month and you will receive them within 24 hours after purchase. You can also follow me on Instagram where I am most active.

5 Card Email Reading

This reading is delivered straight to your inbox within 24 hours after purchase. Please provide detailed notes on your situation.



This reading is done via skype. Upon purchase please add me on skype under Whiskey Stevens at inthefolk@gmail.com (this email is for skype only if you are wishing to send me anything please send it to whiskeystevenswriter@gmail.com) Once paid you will be sent an email with instructions to book into my calendar.