What is Grunge Magick?

Grunge Magick is what I have started calling my magickal practice and it feels quite right. I thought I'd explain here a little more of what I think grunge magick is. 

The grunge movement of the 90s was characterized by unkempt clothing, edgy rock music, and a general attitude of being carefree. Music that heavily influenced the grunge scene were bands like: Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice in Chains. It was a time of freedom, self-expression, and music that didn't want to conform to the pop music agenda happening at the same time. 

The way I see grunge magick being utilized is by practitioners who do what they want and don't seem to care how others view their practice. Magickal hygiene is something talked about at length in ceremonial circles and magickal circles beyond for its importance in maintaining a balanced energy and clean space to practice in. Without magickal hygiene a practitioner may find themselves weighed down by energy, or letting unwanted forces into their environment. I would suggest that grunge magickians, contrary to what the name suggests, do practice magickal hygiene but they do it when, where, and how they want when the feeling arises. 

Practitioners also see no issue with using tools they found at the thrift shop or that have been recycled from someone else throwing them away. These materials can be used as tools and altar ornaments as the practitioner sees fit. As well, in the keeping of a magickal record I would say it is important but if a grunge magickian misses a day or two they aren't going to beat themselves up for it. 

Grunge magickians can pull from a variety of other practices and do not need to be held down by one dogma. Should anyone ever suggest something of the sort I should hope that grunge practitioners would correct them. There is no room for authoritarian ideology here. Grunge Magick can include ceremonial magick, chaos magick, folk magick and other. All are welcome to practice and call themselves grunge. That is the way it is and always should be. 

Notably grunge magickians stand up for what they believe in and have no problem standing up and voicing their opinions when it comes to political, economical, and environmental issues. They like to have fun and treat their magick with the same approach. 

I began using the term because of my altar workings that involved candles and loud 90's grunge music. I felt most alive and have had most of my success from the carefree attitude yet strict following of magickal record keeping. Grunge magick is a term that will suit some and not others and that is okay. Do what works for you. Follow your own true will. 


Whiskey Stevens.