What Makes A Witch?

Where did the first witch come from? That isn’t fully known, and I believe it is because the heart of the witch is in everyone. It runs through all the archetypes. Magic was at the very beginning. The way of the witch lives within, next to blood and bone, snug underneath the rib cage. Coming … Continue reading What Makes A Witch?

Wishing I Were a Psychopath.

For a long time I wished I was a psychopath. It wasn't something I had grown up wishing and until it happened I never really gave them much thought. After my parents divorce I started buying books like "Without Conscience" by Dr. Robert Hare. I told myself I was reading about these people and their … Continue reading Wishing I Were a Psychopath.

Exploring The Wild Woman Archetype: Tarot Spread & Journal

*Disclaimer: This is the way in which I personally uncover and work with the wild woman archetype in my own life. It is a self-exploration and research expedition into the soul. There are many ways to get in touch with the wild woman archetype and I do suggest finding the way that works best for … Continue reading Exploring The Wild Woman Archetype: Tarot Spread & Journal

Tarot for Tough Times: Spending Holidays Alone

Tonight I caught a wave as sadness as I sat down to eat my dinner. My fathers side of the family usually celebrates Easter, making it into a celebration centered around food and connection. This year instead of being around those I love, I cooked myself a batch of perogies and settled in to watch … Continue reading Tarot for Tough Times: Spending Holidays Alone

Boss Babe Predictions For 2020

Economic collapse, goth vibes? 2020 is going to be a hell of a year.

You’re 20-something & you’re broke…now what?

I'm a firm believer in individual direction. What I mean by that is, everyone on earth is turned on by different things. I love to write, you might love history, another person might love salsa dancing. Everyone has a direction in life that is unique to them. Your twenties are all about discovering your path, … Continue reading You’re 20-something & you’re broke…now what?