Romantic Comedies and Rotissertie Chicken.

On any given night of the week you might just find me in line at the grocery store, with a whole cooked chicken under my arm, asking the girl behind the counter for an extra fork in the hopes that she’ll think I’m going home to share it with someone else. The reality of the situation is that I’ll take that big bird home and eat it alone while watching sassy romantic comedies in my underwear. There’s no shame in that.

I am building a tool kit of go-to things that make me feel good and I don’t feel bad about saying that chicken and romance is high on that list. Actually I’m pretty tired of apologizing for the things that make me feel good. I’m pretty darn tired of society, this group of invisible people, trying to tell me that watching This Is Us on Netflix is not a healthy way of spending my time. Excuse me Cindy, I like to enjoy a good drama while I chill out in the air conditioning that I pay premium hydro prices for every month.

(Unrelated rant my hydro bill this month was outrageous and that shit makes me uptight)

All I’m really trying to say is, is that we should be able to create our own mental health recovery and by doing that we should, as any respectable adult, be able to create our own list of magical things. That’s it, that’s all.

If I want to take myself out for a good old fashioned movie date I will. Or go skinny dipping at midnight in the pond, or craft a collage for the hell of it. Why should our mental health tool kits look boring?

We can’t all enjoy a ten minute silent meditation with crossed legs and hot tea by our side can we?

If we wan’t to jazz it the hell up we should be able to. If you need permission, although you really don’t, then here it is. Go for it. Get out there and jump on your kids trampoline until you feel giddy. Eat the ice-cream in the deep freeze. Read a horror book by flashlight. Just don’t live a life of mediocrity because you think you have to.

Your mental health recovery is yours for the making darling, no one gets to tell you otherwise.

You are loved, you are worthy, and you are blessed.

Whiskey Stevens. xx

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