Alice In Wonderland Tarot

This is a little tarot spread that you can do for yourself or with a client, inspired of course by Alice in Wonderland. I have a book published in 1935 titled “Children of Story Book Land” inside hides Slice.

As I began to read the story I thought how wonderful it would be to create a spread.

So this spread is for:

♠️ Those who are ready to follow the white rabbit

♠️ Feeling discontent or less than magical

♠️ Have lost their “muchness”

♠️ Want to bring magic back into their lives

♠️ Want to manifest the seemingly “impossible”

To begin the cards are going to be shuffled, cut, and chosen a little differently… so bare with me! (I do have a YouTube video linked below that takes you through the spread)

I’m the beginning Alice falls down the rabbit hole and begins to follow the white rabbit l. She finds herself in a low hall and there are doors all around the hall, but they are all locked. As Alice wonders what to do next she comes upon a glass table with a key on it. She tries a few doors with no luck… until she finds a tiny door in which the key fits perfectly and thus an adventure begins.

With the remaining 2 piles put them back together and shuffle…

Now with the chosen “key” or original pile use it to deal the remaining 7 cards needed for the 8 card spread shown below.

Here are what the cards represent.

1. Overall: This card shows the overall energy and can be looked at for guidance when going through each of the other cards.

2. Duchess: This card shows the false reality/negative self talk that needs to be addressed before moving forward.

3. Queen: This card shows the limiting beliefs/underlying shadow like issues that are stopping the client from feeling magical.

4. Blue Caterpillar: This card shows quite bluntly the truth of the matter with no bs. It gives a straightforward message the client needs to hear.

5. White Rabbit: This card shows what is needed for the client to take the leap of faith. What is the push they need to break free?

6. Hatter: This card shows the steps needed to take. If the client wants their muchness back, or to manifest the impossible, what steps do they need to take?

7. Cheshire Cat: This card is A touch if wisdom before the end. Something to give to the client that they can use now or may be useful later on their journey.

8. Alice: This card represents the outcome/end result. It shows how the client will be if they decide to take the trip down the rabbit hole.

I hope you enjoy this spread and it brings you much muchness and magic 🌙♠️💜

Yours truly,

Whiskey Stevens

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