What Is Seraphic Magick?

Seraphic Magick stems from a set of 10 principles. It can be used along with any other form of Magick that would allow for it’s practices to be blended, although it does not have strict rules to follow so as to not be rigid in the way it is practiced. I’ll quickly break down each of the principles for more understanding.

1. Inclusive & Non-Dogmatic

This principle was heavily influenced by Chaos Magick. It is the belief that there is no one truth. All paths are welcome and no one should be turned away or forbidden from practicing Seraphic Magick based on their own beliefs. Inclusivity is the balance and what makes Seraphic Magick what it is. The exact definition cannot be written down because to each practitioner it will be different.

2. Creation is Recognized as Magick

Much of Magick as we know it is explained as manifesting. Aleister Crowley described Magick as “the science of causing change to occur in conformity with will.” Manifesting and pulling things into existence by the force of will is recognized as Magick, just the same as creation such as art, music, writing etc is seen as Magick. It could be argued that both are creation, if we are the consciousness that creates our realities we must be creating the very thing we are manifesting. For the sake of explaining this principle and the next, it should be understood that manifesting and creating are both forms of Magick. Birthing things into existence with our energy is Magick.

3. Balancing The Scales

When we thing of manifesting as pulling something to us, and creation is birthing something from us. It is seen as a give and take. The more we request from the energy we must give back in our own way. This is balancing the scales of Magick. If you are out of balance either creating too much or manifesting too much, your own energy will feel off. Some part of your life, emotions, physical energy will be out of balance. When manifesting something big… create something big into the world, make a painting, a book, a piece of music. Balance is sacred in Seraphic Magick.

4. Aesthetic is a Magickal Tool to be Honoured and Used

Aesthetics is the look and feel of your Magick. It is how you dress your altar, how you adorn your body and the clothes you wear, the makeup you wear, the look of your online profiles. Aesthetics in any form can be used as a tool for connection, creation, and manifestation. Practitioners of Seraphic Magick believe that recognizing the beauty of our own consciousness in relationship to consciousness as a whole can be aided by the deliberate use of aesthetically pleasing choices of decor and dress. Creating a space immersed in the look and feel of your magickal essence or desired intention helps to magnify the state of mind needed to perform Magick. It allows the practitioner to be deeply immersed in energy, sensation, and belief.

5. Tools and Aesthetic Should Be Chosen Deliberately

Seeing an altar or online presence that has a clear aesthetic is Magick. It draws people in, it draws energy in, it allows the practitioner to be immersed in the energy and intention of their Magick and allows for greater manifestation and creation. Choosing your clothing, tools, and other should be done deliberately with your magickal goal in mind. Everything should have a purpose. It can be simply to bring happiness and good feeling upon gazing at your altar, but all items have a purpose.

6. No Judgement as This May Result in Knowledge Lost or Magick to Become Exclusive

Every practitioner will express their Magick in a different way. Each will have a different look and aesthetic. There should be no judgement toward outside appearances as they are not an accurate indicator of character, Magick, or knowledge. Practitioners should stay vigilant against internal projections that make them judge any part of another’s practice in a negative way. If another practitioners appearance does not seem “magickal” enough or to our liking we must ask ourselves why. By judging another we limit our experiences. Just because someone dresses, looks, or appears a certain way does not mean they are not knowledgeable. The opposite is also true, just because someone “looks the part” does not mean they are full of knowledge. It is up to the practitioner to both remain open minded and practice discernment.

7. Honour Imagination as A Very Real and Important Tool

Our physical world is full of things that were first formed in the imagination. Whole worlds in books and alternate realities first came from thought. Astral altars can be safe spaces anytime, anywhere. Thought forms can be created to assist with spells and magickal workings. Imagination has endless possibilities. Honouring it as a real and highly valuable tool in the creation of one’s reality and Magick is a respected principle of Seraphic Magick. As Einstein said “ Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

8. Personal Responsibility

Taking personal responsibility on all levels from magickal working, to outcomes, to feelings and actions. Whether good or bad, by taking personal responsibility the practitioner recognizes the power they hold and their ability to change themselves and their realities when they choose. It also allows the practitioner to never be at the will of another. Healing is a personal responsibility. Manifesting is a personal responsibility. Placing the responsibility onto something or someone else ultimately gives away the practitioners power.

9. Knowledge and the Application of Knowledge

Acquiring knowledge through literature, experience, gnosis, and so on is an important part of furthering any practitioners magickal practice. More importantly though might be the application if such knowledge. Keeping a record of applied knowledge and it’s outcomes is recommended but not required.

10. Varied Approach to Style

No way, style, or aesthetic is the one right way. Each practitioner has the right to their own personal approach and implementation of the ten principles. One practitioner may choose to dress in black and feel this aides in their working, another may choose bright neon colours or flowery print. One practitioner may choose to learn about altered states of consciousness while another may choose to learn about divination. Applied knowledge and findings are to be varied. Inclusivity is of the highest regard.

Hope you have a wonderful time practicing Seraphic Magick!

Whiskey Stevens.

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