What Makes A Witch?

Where did the first witch come from? That isn’t fully known, and I believe it is because the heart of the witch is in everyone. It runs through all the archetypes. Magic was at the very beginning. The way of the witch lives within, next to blood and bone, snug underneath the rib cage. Coming to the path isn’t becoming something new, it is awakening to what already is. All that’s left to do is Rise Witch Rise.

While we’re on the subject, what makes a real witch? Is it true you aren’t a bonafide witch unless you cast a circle under moonlight dresses fully in black? Don’t you need a broomstick or a cat or a caldron filled with potion?

A real witch is the one who carries it in their heart, the one who tucks a flower behind their ear and calls it magic. A real witch dances in the aisles of the grocery store while music plays from the speakers. A real witch laughs at dirty jokes while drinking wine barefoot and care-free.

There are no boxes to check on a list, or strict requirements to meet. You are a real witch while mixing soft batter to make a cake, and you are a real witch while howling at the moon and baring your teeth. What makes a witch may not make the other. The paths are different but lead to the same destination.

To spiritual freedom. To magic. To radical self-love.

Rise Witch Rise.

– Whiskey Stevens

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