Boss Babe Predictions For 2020

For everyone who has been waiting for the New Year, take a sigh of relief babe, it’s here. 2019 saw it’s successes and failures, it definitely saw me binging ice cream a few too many times. The past year had us wearing a lot of animal print and seeing the resurgence of the fanny pack. In business we saw women making history and entrepreneurs taking social media to new heights. A lot of the sales energy was dropped for a more personal approach and big businesses like VaynerMedia promoted kindness as a virtue.

What can we expect to see in 2020?

  1. The “Rachel” comes back into style.

Did it ever really go out of style? This iconic look has lived on in the hearts of Friends fans for the past twenty years. In 2020 perhaps more women will once again be requesting the Rachel, even though we all know Jennifer Aniston began to hate it.

2. Gothic Professionalism

Witchcraft and goth culture came out of the darkness and became one of the biggest trends of 2019. I’m definitely not complaining, the aesthetic is gorgeous and the occult has always fascinated me. You can expect to see this trend continue into 2020 as more men and women choose to style themselves with moody tones and dark shades.

3. Authenticity

More authenticity! Entrepreneurs were exposed for their sales tactics and claims to make other people rich and the term “contrepreneur” was coined. We saw Instagram vs. Reality memes spread across the internet, and more YouTubers took to the platform to share openly how much money they were making. As a society we are craving more authenticity. In 2020 expect to see the brands and people willing to vulnerable leading the way and growing in popularity.

4. The Business of Sleep

In 2019 Matthew Walker, PhD presented a Ted Talk where he shared the importance of sleep with the audience. In his book: Why We Sleep, he writes, “There does not seem to be one major organ within the body, or process within the brain, that isn’t optimally enhanced by sleep (and detrimentally impaired when we don’t get enough). That we receive such a bounty of health benefits each night should not be surprising.” We now know that not enough sleep is a leading cause in Alzheimer’s, some cancers, and unbalanced hormone levels. Apps that help you fall asleep, track your sleep, and even read you bed time stories have now been developed. In 2020 expect to see your sleep a top priority for tech companies and health care providers.

5. The Rise in Price of Precious Metals As More Entrepreneurs Talk About An Economic Collapse

Co-founder of VaynerMedia Gary Vaynerchuk along with other high profile entrepreneurs have been voicing their opinions for an “inevitable” economic crash. With videos on Gary’s YouTube channel titled: Why You Should Be Concerned About The Next Economic Collapse, and How To Prepare For The Economic Collapse, many of his followers have begun taking it seriously. Four month ago a bar of silver was selling for $33, today it is selling for $37. In 2020 you can expect to see more high profile entrepreneurs talking about the economic situation, and the rise in price of precious metals.

Here’s to 2020 babes. May we move forward with confidence and “bad” witch vibes.

Carlee. xx

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