You’re 20-something & you’re broke…now what?

I’m a firm believer in individual direction. What I mean by that is, everyone on earth is turned on by different things. I love to write, you might love history, another person might love salsa dancing. Everyone has a direction in life that is unique to them.

Your twenties are all about discovering your path, but it can be hard when you’re broke. You must fight the idea that you are a loser, trust me you’re not, everyone is trying to figure out life the best way they can. During your twenties you must commit yourself to staying curious and open-minded, despite your empty pockets.

There are a few common ways most of the people in their twenties try to fix this problem. They either climb the ranks into higher-education hoping for an advanced degree so that when they’re finally finished they’ll be able to get a six-figure job. Or, they get a job doing whatever they can at the time to pay the bills. More often than not the second path leads people to stay at that job out of fear because they have acquired debt through credit cards or school loans.

There is a third option though.

Stay broke. Yup, stay broke and focus on your “thing.” If you like to write, then find the time to write and get good at it, so good that you start to get paid. If you’re an artist, paint and then post badass pictures on Instagram. If you like to build computers, build the damn things so good people pay you to do it!

If you have a hard time zeroing in on your “thing” because you have too many talents, first of all congratulations the gods have clearly smiled upon you, second you need to pick the one you feel most called too and start there first. Once you master that talent and you make a name for yourself doing that, then you can move on to the second one, but not until then.

Even if you’re actually thirty, or forty, or fifty, even sixty… you can still focus in on your thing and go for it. Life is too short to live a life that is anything less than fulfilling.

Have an idea for a business? Find some friends and now you have a start up. Invest in yourself, invest in your own business for once. Any extra money you have put it back into the business, or in to a high-interest savings account. Get your mind right and the money will follow.

Take chances. Believe in miracles. Don’t let your flame go out smothered by regret.

You’re broke now, it won’t be that way forever. Why not shift perspectives and see it as a gift?



Remember you are loved, you are worthy, and you are blessed… even when it doesn’t feel like it.

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