LET’S TALK CHAKRAS, the magic little energy centres that live within you (how f*cking cool)

I fell in love with the concept of chakras a few years ago and invested in the Complete Book Of Chakras, a 1005 page book that literally covers everything.



What are chakras you ask?

They are worlds within worlds. (ooooh awwww) They are energy bodies that both absorb and extract energy and emotion.

Whenever I describe energy to anyone I use the example of being with two different types of people. The first is someone who leaves you feeling drained, exhausted and miserable, even if you were in a good mood prior. The second is someone who leaves you feeling energized, upbeat, motivated and happy! This is energy and how easily we can be affected by it.

We mainly talk about 7 chakras, but in fact their are tons of them all over the body.


(from the complete book of chakras)

Chakras perfom 3 main functions:

  1. Physical Processing: Many chakras have bodily locations, including an attachement to a nerve plexus and/or an endocrine gland, and all of them manage a certain part of the body. They can also be described as colours and sounds, which are related to the vibratory bands they both operate within and emanate, so they relate to our physical senses as well.
  2. Psychological Processing: Each chakra interacts with–and creates–psychological constructs that affect our well-being. This processing takes place in the realm of beliefs and feelings.
  3. Spiritual Processing: Each chakra contributes to our spiritual well-being and development, adding a layer of consciousness to our maturing sense of self. Every chakra also serves as a channel for specific psychic ability.

Chakras Remember

Chakras not only process energy related to these three roles, but they record or hold related information as well. For instance, a chakra will recieve incoming subtle and physical information about a friend and help your physical body, psychological self, and higher self repsond to this information. Then it will remember, as a mini brain might, what conculsions you drew and how your friend reacted. Because chakras start this role as soon as the body is conceived, they can be seen as memory banks for all aspects of your life.

Chakras Are Energy Transformers

Most of the time we go about the activities of our lives generally unaware that an extraordinary alchemy is taking place within us via the chakras. You see, chakras go a step beyond the exchange of energy. They are actually energy transformers or transducers, which means they can change subtle energy into physical energy and vice versa. Think about that! This means that a chakra could hold the key to blinking a tumor out of your body or turning that wish for a sports car you’ve been harboring into a red porsche.


The chakras play a role in how open or closed we are in our mind, bodies and personalities. They play a role in our health and our relationships with others. They truly do have a huge responsiblity within the body!


The 7 chakras that most people speak of are: 

The Root Chakra

Instinct, survival and sense of security.

The Sacral Chakra 

Emotion, energy and creativity.

The Solar Plexus Chakra 

Mental functioning, power, control and freedom to be yourself.

The Heart Chakra 

Love, balance and compassion.

The Throat Chakra 

Speech and self expression.

The Third-eye Chakra 

Psychic abilities, intuition and imagination.

The Crown Chakra  

Spirituality, connection, knowledge and unity.


Through my own journey I have come to learn that by working with the chakras you can heal grief. Once the chakras are balanced and your energy is flowing more freely you will be able to accept what is more easily and feel lighter. Chakra balancing and energy attunment isn’t new but for most people yet it isn’t as widely accepted.

If you sit still in meditation and focus on your third eye chakra you will begin to feel a sensation. The chakras are there within you, helping you, healing you and guiding you.

All the best on your journey, if you’d like to know more or have questions or want to share your own knowledge let’s connect! There will lot’s more spiritual junkie posts to come 🙂

Carlee xoxo 


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