HOW TO BE A FOCUSED BADASS EVEN WHEN YOU’RE LIKE, SO BUSY. (and the best iced coffee recipe)

Right now I’ve got a lot of things on the go (don’t we all?).

School, working full-time and building The Self-Care Enthusiast.

Oh, and taking care of Alice. She has her own doggie blog section you can find right here.

All of this got me thinking, how does one keep it all together while juggling so many things? Shout out to the moms doing all this and more.

There’s the obvious answer like time management, which I’ve honestly had to work on and there’s a LOT of growing room left for me to improve.

I sat down to think about the not so obvious answer…

Things honestly didn’t change for me until I got concrete about what I wanted out of my life, my business, my relationships and my home environment. I had to get serious about where my future was going and realize I was the one that was in charge of it.

Not my boss, not my boyfriend, not my dog, not my parents…me.


Before I got serious I was just floating through life, not focused at all. Like zero focus. None.

I grabbed a journal and got real with myself, like really real.

What did I want? What would my future look like? What would happen if I stayed the same?

It’s tough but the focus came when I set real goals AND started working on my own business. Having something that was mine, where it would fail or succeed based on how much work I put in was the game changer.

I feel like a great employee, I show up and get the work done, but for all the jobs I’ve had my heart just wasn’t in it. I’m SO much more focused and decisive when I have the freedom I need to make decisions and work towards supporting myself.

But that’s me, you might be the same or you might be a little different. The best part is you get to decide.

So, how do you become a focused badass even when you’re busy?

Intent, passion, set real goals… and using the calendar on your phone wouldn’t hurt either.

Of course never let anyone waste your time. I had to understand my own value and believe it before anyone else saw any value in me. Self-worth means saying no when you need to and if you’ve got shit to do, stay focused girl. Not everyone is worth your time right now. Yes, they deserve respect, kindness, a smile, but you’ve got 24 hours in a day and you need to remain a focused badass…okay?!

Oh, before I go, one other thing I’ve learned is that if I think of something I have to do, like call my dentist to reschedule an appointment, I have to do it right then in that moment or else I wait WAY to long…(this can’t be just me?)



….priorities, priorities, priorities.

Shall I just say this, especially for you my dear reader, the world would like us to be organized to perfection, every t crossed and every i dotted. I live life a little more on the wild before 9pm side. A little messy, a little chaotic, a little insanely focused on what I’m passionate about and litterally ignoring the rest until im forced to look up…

You’ll never go wrong with an alarm reminder, a paper calendar and utilizing the calendar in your phone, and a precise set of goals for the day.

If you want to go the extra mile iced coffee with cinnamon instead of sweetner is the best compliment to a kickass focused productive day. (Recipe for my favourite below)

Let me know how you stay focused…we can help each other.

Message me in the community or I’ll see you on snapchat,

Carlee. xoxo


I try not to have dairy anymore for my own personal health reasons so I have my iced coffee with almond milk but you can subsitute with actual milk, soy milk, cream etc. đŸ™‚

Iced Coffee With Cinnamon

Step 1. Brew your coffee. (easy enough, sometimes I brew a whole bunch so I can have it throughout the day)

Step 2. Let chill in fridge (in freezer if you’re seriously in a hurry)

Step 3. Get your cup or beverage container and add the desired amount of milk. (first)

Step 4. Add cinnamon 1-2 tsp and stir into milk.

Step 5. If you wish add a dash of  vanilla extract

Step 6. Add 5-10 iced cubes

Step 7. Pour in chilled coffee & stir.


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