♥️I’m so happy you have found my online home amongst the vast cosmos of the online world.

Along with giving psycho-spiritual tarot readings I am also a writer whose focus stays primarily under the topics of spiritual freedom and our relationship with death. I use tarot to look at the ways in which we as humans deal with death and how we can heal from grief. Each day we make thousands of small decisions, many without a second thought, but underneath I believe we are fueled by our own mortality and our individual relationships with death. I strive, with the help of the tarot to help other heal and find meaning in the nature of immortality.

It is in the highest honor that I get to do the work that I do and I thank everyone who has supported this work from the very beginning.

If you are looking for a safe space, one where you can be yourself fully engulfed in vulnerability, this space is for you. If you are looking for someone to walk with you for a little while on this journey we call life, my work is for you. If you are looking to connect with someone who has experienced life in it’s fullness, my work is for you.

To all of the therapists who suffer from mental health issues themselves. For the recovering addicts working with those still addicted. For the abuse survivors sharing space with those abused. For each and every individual who has experienced the hardships of life and continues on in spite of it still finding hope and magic in the little things… I do this work for you.

**Please note that 1:1 readings with me are booked on each full moon as I do fill up quickly. Email readings however can be booked at any time throughout the month. To get an email reminder a few days before the full moon so you can claim your spot and receive a intuitive – psycho-spiritual – and transformative reading click here!

I offer video chats on YouTube and self-love/spiritual development chats on my Facebook page. I try my best to create free offerings which you will find in the freebies section. Currently all my readings are offered either through email or video chat.

Tarot has been part of my own saving grace, along with radical self-love, and large amounts of forgiveness. I cannot say that my own path has been easy. It is with the highest honor and gratitude that I am able to work in the way that I do. For the dreamers, the lovers, those who still look at the world with child-like wonder. For those who continue forward each day in spite of all of the things yesterday left at their doorstep.

Something for you during these wonky times:

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