♥️I’m so happy you have found my online home amongst the vast cosmos of the online world.

Along with giving psychospiritual tarot readings I have embarked on a journey of my own mental health recovery and continue to blog about it here on my website and online through my Facebook and Instagram. It is my hope that by sharing the wonky weird parts of myself that others feel okay to do the same and to ultimately find the recovery that works for them.

Mental health can be tricky, messy, wonky… all of the weird “y” words… and then some. It is anything but boring and finding a recovery that works for you is part of the journey. It isn’t going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it. <— I’ve heard that before and I just keep telling myself that it’s true because so far it has been, if I discover otherwise I’ll be the first to tell you.

I also actively write and talk about grief and death and explore the ways we face our own mortality. As a Death Doula student I am continuously finding ways to help others unpack their grief and assist the dying.

To all of the therapists who suffer from mental health issues themselves. For the recovering addicts working with those still addicted. For the abuse survivors sharing space with those abused. For each and every individual who has experienced the hardships of life and continues on in spite of it still finding hope and magic in the little things… I do this work for you.

I offer video chats on YouTube and self-love/spiritual development chats on my Facebook page. I try my best to create free offerings which you will find in the freebies section. Currently all my readings are offered either through email or records video.

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